Learn How To Store Kaiser Buns To Preserve Freshness

If you are going to be hosting a barbecue in a few days and have purchased kaiser buns to serve hamburgers to your guests, proper storage will help retain their freshness. On the day of the event, the buns will taste as if they just came out of a bakery and most likely will be enjoyed by all of your guests. 

Place The Buns In A Bread Bag And Box

Put the kaiser bun in a canvas bag that is designed to hold bread. This type of bag is made out of durable fibers that will prevent the buns from becoming moist, which could lead to the formation of mold. Secure the bag's opening with a clip or a couple safety pins. Place the bag inside of a bread box. The bread box will further protect the buns from humidity so that they stay fresh for several days.

Freeze The Buns

Lay the buns in a single layer across a sheet of aluminum foil. Wrap the foil around the buns and seal its edges by folding each one and pinching it between your fingers. Place the foil-covered buns in a plastic freezer bag that seals. On the day of the barbecue, remove the buns from the freezer and thaw them for a couple hours before you are ready to serve the hamburgers. The buns will be soft and nobody who eats one will be able to tell that they were previously frozen.

Heat Up Stale Buns

If you have attempted to retain the freshness of the kaiser buns that you have purchased, but you were unsuccessful and each one has a firm surface, do not fret or toss the buns into the trash. As long as the buns do not have visible mold on them, they can safely be eaten.

Wait until a few minutes before you are ready to serve your guests and place the buns on a baking tray. Adjust your oven to a warm setting and heat the buns up inside of it for a few minutes. The heat will soften the buns, restoring them to their original state. Once the barbecue is over, throw away any leftover buns.

Following these tips will help the buns remain fresh. In the future, you can use these same tips when preserving the freshness of other types of bread. By doing so, you will get the most for your money and will enjoy the taste of the bread products that you purchase.

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